The first model to be built with the German-designed and manufactured 2-axis HSK-A100 head is the DCX32-26-5Si, due for launch in early 2021. Rotary motions of the rigid fork arrangement with torque motor direct drives is ± 360° in the C-axis and ± 110° in the B-axis. The simultaneous 5-axis motion suits the machining of complex 3D shapes or draft angles while keeping cutter length to a minimum.

Designed for the manufacture of large components, Hurco's dual-column DCX range offers long travels in the X and Y axes. The bridge that carries the Y-axis moving elements provides a stiff, thermally stable structure for consistently accurate machining, while the high capacity table allows easy loading of heavy components by forklift or crane.

The 3-axis DCX range already offers five model variants ranging in size from the DCX22i with its 2,200 by 1,700 by 750 mm working volume to the DCX42i with 4,200 by 2,600 by 1,100 mm travels and 16 tonnes table load capacity.