The UMC-1000SS features a cycloidal rotary drive system that is said to provide a good combination of speed, accuracy and durability on both the B and C axes. According to Haas, this rugged design provides long service life, with little or no maintenance, and is especially durable in a crash, where the cycloidal rotary drive can be back-driven to absorb energy from the impact. The shock-load capacity is five times the rated torque of the gearbox. Moreover, the entire gearbox is a simple drop-in replacement, should damage occur.

In terms of further design features, the door mounts inside the enclosure, which raises the bottom of the enclosure opening, and provides better chip control. Additionally, operator convenience features are mounted to the front of the machine for easy access, including a tool-holder storage rack, work table, tool-holder vice, storage tray and wash-down hose.

The base casting is stiff and compact, improving cut performance, and allowing the use of Haas’ standard 208-litre rollaway coolant tank, for easy cleaning and maintenance. An optional 360-litre coolant tank is also available, and both tanks accept Haas oil skimmer and coolant refill options to further enhance productivity.