The PSS-L is a modular system for individual machines or for interlinking several machines. With it, up to five machine tools – including Grob’s G550a, G552 and G552T – can be connected to a pallet storage racking having a maximum of 87 pallet positions. The PSS-L can also operate ‘locked out’ of a system, as an independent machine.

Additionally, with the PSS-L, a significant increase in machine utilisation and economic production can be achieved, and a longer unmanned production period is made possible. Other advantages include a high storage density with a small footprint, a cost-conscious acquisition investment, as well as the excellent visibility into the workspace and the pallet storage locations.

The PSS-L is equipped with a linear travelling pallet changer system with a pallet gripper to transport the materials between setting stations, work-piece deposits and machines. No cable track is used and the pallets are staged close to the machine to prevent long exchange times.

The system also comes with production control software, so that users have a simple, intuitive organisation of pallets and parts with associated process steps. Customers can have autonomous part and pallet control while considering resources, along with monitoring and verification of tool resources for all scheduled orders.