The TEKA ‘Handycart’ is a mobile, portable high vacuum cartridge filter welding fumes and dust extraction unit. It is available as a 280 m3h 1,1 kW or a 320 m3h 1,2 kW 230 V 50/60 Hz version equipped with either manual or fully automatic pneumatic filter cleaning. It has an infinitely adjustable speed control plus a user friendly Air Control. It is designed for use as either an attachment to a MIG welding torch or with a range of nozzles including, slot, round and funnel nozzles as well as suction hoses up to 10 m in length to suit most fume and dust applications in the construction, shipbuilding, automotive car repair industries and small general fabrication shops. The filter cartridge in the unit prevents dust from contaminating the work area during filter cleaning and has dust collecting efficiency of >99%. The standard version of this unit has 2 x 45mm diameter suction connections, a service door and a removable dust collector as well as an hour meter and a visual filter monitor. ‘Handycart’ can also be supplied with a sound absorber and an activated carbon filter can be installed for use with gases. It is mobile and compact in size.