Providing compatibility with the 8-axis FaroArm system, which effectively doubles the arm’s reach and improves ease of use, the Design ScanArm has been developed to address challenges across a range of industries. a

The use of 3D colour enables parts and objects to be reconstructed and visualised as vividly as they appear in the real world. In addition, finer details such as texture, and even text, can be clearly extracted for product visualisation, computer graphics or the identification of key features during product design or reverse engineering processes.

This true-to-life functionality not only allows design professionals to proceed with high level of confidence but, as a result, accelerates the completion of important projects. Faster end-to-end project cycle time is supported and enhanced by rapid scanning colour capability of up to 240,000 points per second.

Faro’s Design ScanArm 2.5C is available in three arm lengths: 2.5, 3.5 and 4 m, while hot-swappable batteries ensure the user can bring the scan to the project rather than the project to the scan. Finally, greater efficiencies can be realised as full colour can be captured in a single scan, removing any need to take pictures or apply texture in the post-scanning process.