One of the defining features of the 0i-f Plus CNC is the inclusion of iHMI, FANUC’s user interface, which has been designed with usability in mind. Intuitive icons, high-visibility designs and animated features ensure that complex machine operations can be programmed with relative ease.

Incorporating many of the benefits of FANUC’s 30iB CNC, which is designed for highly-complex, multi-axis machinery, the iHMI interface makes it straightforward for users to access a host of sophisticated programs and functionalities via the 0i-f Plus. These include two newly developed functions: ‘Fine Surface Technology’ and ‘Fast Cycle Time’.

Fine Surface Technology uses CNC and servo technologies to improve the surface quality of finished parts, at high speeds. Path errors caused by rounding can be reduced thanks to ‘High Precision Program Command’, while ‘Smooth Tolerance+ Control’ reduces mechanical shock to further improve the quality of the machined surface.

The Fine Surface Technology function also includes ‘FANUC SERVO HRV+ Control’, which counters imperfections caused by disturbances in the servo system. Optimal current control and newly enhanced velocity control within FANUC SERVO HRV+ Control suppresses these disturbances to help improve surface quality.

Fast Cycle Time automatically adjusts a number of machining parameters, including spindle motor speed, feed rates, and axis acceleration and deceleration, to shorten cycle times and ultimately increase production capacity.

Another major feature of the 0i-f Plus is the ease with which it can be customised. For instance, ‘FANUC Picture’ provides a set of tools to design and implement bespoke HMIs on the CNC. The newly developed ‘Macro Executor’ and ‘C-Language Executor’, meanwhile, enable users to create their own operation screens in a simple and flexible way.

Andrew Armstrong, sales and marketing manager at FANUC UK, says: “Following the success of the 0i-f series, we have responded to market demand and released an updated version which incorporates many of the advanced functions of our more sophisticated CNC portfolio. The result is the 0i-f Plus, which combines the flexibility of its predecessor with new, advanced functions that deliver higher quality surface finishes and much shorter cycle times.”