The ProtectLine software solution allows companies to reliably prevent potentially significant, expensive damage and production downtimes. The system is characterised by a digital twin that runs ahead of the physical machine in ‘real-time’ during the operational mode. This means that should the digital twin encounter problems or even a crash, the software shuts down the machine in a controlled manner that protects it from collisions.

One of the main features that sets this software solution apart from other established systems is that the simulated model always corresponds to the real current production situation. Machine crashes can be reliably prevented, even in the case of small adjustments or operating errors. By doing this, the solution contributes to a significant improvement in productivity. A further advantage is that ProtectLine is integrated directly into the new TouchLine control panel. This makes operation very simple, which is a credit to its intuitive and context-sensitive operating concept.

ProtectLine fully replicates the physical machine and this includes the complete machine tool, cutting tools and toolholders, as well as the workpiece with the respective clamping arrangement that can all be part of the model. Just like a ‘real’ machine, the software enables virtual tool changes and simulates a virtual machining process in parallel to the real machining process.

Through this unique simulation, the geometry of the virtual workpiece always corresponds to that of the real workpiece, resulting in a very realistic model. ProcessLine simulates the real NC program in a preparatory stage, while ProtectLine provides reliable protection against the consequences of operating errors. Used together, the ProcessLine and ProtectLine modules of the SmartLine portfolio form an integrated digital process chain.