Starlite is a range of semi-automatic, non-contact video measurement machines, comparable in price to traditional measurement equipment, but boasting many of the features normally associated with higher value, fully automatic systems. Starlite is designed to meet the needs of any company that cannot justify the cost of a fully automatic machine, with the range starting at under £10,000. The Starlite 250 and Starlite 300 machines are manually operated by moving the component into the video field of view. The operator, using simple software tools, selects the relevant points on the part to be measured and the software then automatically detects and measures the feature. Tolerance information is then input and reported along with geometry, position and deviation from nominal. Inspection reports can be printed, saved in a digital format or used for statistical evaluation. Component images can also be collected and stored in a variety of formats for visual defect analysis. The ongoing measurement sequence is recorded so that subsequent parts can be inspected in the same way. After the first sequence, the user is then led by the machine using on-screen prompts. OGP’s patented ‘Gage-X’ metrology software gives the user powerful functions for general purpose dimensional measurement with an easy-to-use graphical interface. The software guides users through measurement routines with clear pictorial instructions and prompts, using part model and destination symbols and icons. Superior zoom optics are included in the form of a precise, 6.5:1 motorised, programmable zoom lens, which has a working distance of 55 mm, although optional lenses are available to expand the magnifying range further. Full colour imaging and advanced lighting also ensure that even the smallest feature can be viewed and inspected to the tightest of tolerances. Accurate depth measurements can also be made using the machine’s advanced auto-focus technology, ‘CompuFocus’. A simple ‘red-to-green’ on-screen prompt informs the operator when the part is in focus and ready to be measured.