The machine configuration consists of an abrasive drum for removing burrs and either two wire brushes or two abrasive brushes for blending and rounding edges. The heavy duty machines are available in three models, the EG 3M II and EG 3M II +2F for de-slagging thermal and laser cut blanks and the EG 3M II/L for deburring and rounding sheet metal parts for the catering and medical industry. The EG 3M II utilises ERNST’s patented abrasive cylinder design that is followed by two counter rotating wire wheels or slashed abrasive cloth brushes. The tough, flexible abrasive cover can compensate for up to 6 mm of thickness distortions if equipped with the optional pneumatic mounting system. With a sufficiently low grinding intensity only the loose scale and rust is removed. The abrasive cylinder is covered in abrasive sheets that are easily replaced and pneumatically clamped in minutes. This makes consumable costs 50 per cent lower than on wide belt machines. The abrasive belt can achieve 8 hours’ production while the abrasive sheet on the cylinder delivers up to 40 hours of production far exceeding the performance of belt driven systems. The EG 3M II has a leather conveyor belt that is wear resistant and has high friction while being able to cope with hot parts and sparks. With working widths of 900, 1,400 and 1,600 mm, the EG 3M II caters for all applications whilst the EG 3M II +2F works to the same parameters as the EG 3M II with exception for two special wire wheels that can remove black oxide scale from the edges of blanks that have been cut with a laser without nitrogen.