The Absolent oil mist filtration unit uses advanced Disc Stack Centrifuge Technology (DSCT) to achieve 99.997 per cent separation of 0.3 micron diameter airborne particles, setting new standards for centrifuge-based filters in terms of size, durability, efficiency and low maintenance. With an output that is cleaner than outdoor ‘fresh air’, the not only safeguards employees’ health and safety, but also enables 1000 m3/hour of filtered air to be returned to the working environment at ambient temperature – minimising additional space heating or cooling costs. The new unit measures 560 by 561 by 1102 mm high and weighs 95 kg, making it ideal for mounting directly on most machine tools. In addition, the compact and lightweight is suitable for both wall or floor mounting, or can even be suspended from workshop ceilings. Suitable for a wide range of oils and all water based machining coolants, the new is designed for long and reliable service, with low life-cycle costs. It is backed by more than 100 years of DSTC experience and is supplied with a full two-year factor warranty.