GelSight Mobile allows users make repeatable measurements in seconds, while maintaining micron-level precision. Manufacturers can use this technology on any surface for detailed and rapid surface measurement, as well as aftermarket care, defect detection and maintenance.

The GelSight device uses an elastomer gel that reacts instantaneously to any surface on contact, revealing detailed topographical features, including scratches, dents, surface roughness, corrosion and texture. This information is then used to generate a high-resolution 3D depth map, providing information on position and other derived surface measurements.

The ability to instantly zoom in on parts allows operators to gain detailed and reliable micron-level measurements to check for quality. For example, engineers can zoom in on any material to find any microscopic material damage. This gives users the opportunity to carry out instant pass or fail inspections and understand whether further maintenance is required, increasing throughput for high-cost parts and reducing downtime.

Manufacturers will also be able to use the data generated during defect detection to enhance the reliability and accuracy of their documentation. Storing quantifiable micron level data can later aid businesses during audits or when verifying their product’s quality to clients.