As part of the Erasmus programme, four students from Coleg Y Cymoedd were selected for work experience at Stadler Anglenbau GmbH, including an all-expenses paid trip to the company’s facility in Altshausen, Baden-Württemberg. Stadler Anglenbau designs and manufactures waste sorting plants and components.

In the first week of the programme, students were placed with German apprentices to learn about their roles and how they differed from the UK. In the second week, they were then placed in different areas of production to learn how end products are created from raw materials. The students were also shown technologies, including ballistic separators, to learn about how they operate in the waste-management industry.

“I’ve had an interest in engineering since I was very young and that is why I’m choosing it is as a career,” explains Harris. “The experience gave me another perspective on the engineering work I’ve done at Renishaw, including taking a different approach to engineering standards and tolerances. I was able to apply the emphasis on accuracy and precision I learnt at Renishaw in a completely new environment.

“The scheme enabled me to learn from and work with peers who’ve come through a different education system,” adds Harris. “I’m really glad that I got to take part in the programme because it opened my eyes to a new industry, a new country and a new approach.”

Chris Pockett, head of communications at Renishaw, says: “It’s fantastic to hear such positive feedback from students who took part in the Erasmus programme. Renishaw runs apprenticeship schemes every year that offer in-house training, a great work environment and a competitive salary.

“We’re proud to offer our apprentices the chance to develop their skills and become the leaders of tomorrow,” continues Pockett. “Schemes like Erasmus offer a new experience for our apprentices to help broaden their knowledge of engineering and open their minds on career development.”