Products that visitors will be able to see include Norelem’s clamping technology, such as variable toggle clamps and wedge clamps. Also on the stand will be a range of operational parts like grips, handles and knobs, along with positioning tables and electronic positioning indicators.

“At Subcon our core aim is to help manufacturers reduce their design time and become more accurate in project cost calculations,” says Marcus Schneck, CEO of Norelem. “With manufacturing being the backbone of the UK’s economy, it is important that we help this industry thrive and compete on a global platform. Our huge range of standard components is readily accessible for design engineers, whether that’s as a CAD drawing for design, through to having 98% of our range held in stock, available for same-day dispatch.”

As well as reducing design lead times, Norelem’s products are said to enable quicker production. With variable toggle clamps, workpieces of different or variable heights can be clamped quickly and safely without changing the setting of the pressure screw. Meanwhile, wedge clamps allow two workpieces to be held together, permitting the workpieces to be machined in one pass.

Grips, handles and knobs from Norelem come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and variations. For instance, there are over 600 types of pull handle in stock, while knobs are available in mushroom, ball, conical or tapered shapes. Meanwhile, engineers can also test Norelem’s positioning tables to measure and position to a higher degree of accuracy. These tables position components, stops, sensors, limit switches, grippers or even cameras to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre, with LCD screens available for easy reading.

“Saving time and cost is the key to engineering success, and with standardised components it means engineers don’t need to manufacture and design their own parts in-house,” says Schneck.