For example, alongside models from its Vantage, CNC and Zip Lite portfolios, OGP UK will provide visitors to Stand 460 in Hall 20 with their first public glimpse of FlexPoint, the only CMM featuring multiple sensors in a VersaFlex cluster head, for precision inspection and data reporting on intricate parts.

In another UK exclusive, there will be a chance to see a multi-sensor metrology system from OGP’s latest SP range (the SP 332), as well as experience a QC-CALC software booth.

Stratasys UK platinum partner, SYS Systems, is preparing to demonstrate one of the 3D-printing industry’s biggest hitters at MACH for the first time. The F900 offers the largest build size of any FDM printer and uses a wide range of engineering-grade thermoplastics for applications that require high performance and biocompatibility, as well as static dissipation or resistance to impact, heat, chemicals or UV radiation, thus allowing users to balance fine feature details and fast build rates.

Zoller UK, meanwhile, has lined up a selection of its offline tool pre-setting and measurement systems, including the Smile SmartCheck, Smile Pilot 1.0, Venturion, PomBasic and Genius. These systems will be complemented by products from its Smart Cabinets range, a diverse set of manual and automated solutions that record, manage and store tools, perishables, accessories, fixtures and test devices.

ViciVision UK, a supplier of optical and non-contact measuring machines for turned parts, will use MACH as a platform to unveil the capabilities of its Techno series. The M306 and M309 boast wide measuring fields and significant load capacities, helping to drive up productivity by facilitating automatic and high-accuracy inspection.

Chris Fulton, managing director of the Carfulan Group, says: “In terms of machine numbers on the stand, MACH 2020 will be the biggest and most ambitious show in Carfulan Group history. Our aim is to provide evidence to product designers and manufacturers that, regardless of their size, status or sector, our technologies will help them to work more efficiently and effectively, so that they can deliver better outcomes for their customers.”