Identified as a key supplier at the very start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has proactively responded by boosting its workforce in a number of strategic positions, including electrical maintenance, fabrication, CNC operation and die casting.

The company provides aluminium and zinc high pressure die castings and CNC machining services, supplying critical safety parts used in hospital beds and air filtration, as well as components for mobile sanitising equipment that is keeping medical facilities clean. It can produce parts weighing up to 6 kg at the company’s two Willenhall facilities that span a combined 80,000 sq ft.

It has also received instruction from the MoD to continue to produce specialist lighting parts that are used by vehicles taking part in vital logistics operations.

Urgent client demands for parts have been met, thanks to the hard work of the 75 employees, who through application of additional PPE and a new factory layout are all adhering to government guidelines.

Explains Ash Suman, managing director of Midland Pressure Diecasting: “I think we all need to do our bit in the national effort against Covid-19, however big or small that may be.

“MPD knew we had an important role to play and we wanted to ensure we had the capacity and skills in place to deliver current and future demand, delivering security of supply to our customers when they need it most.

“We are currently supplying castings for clients working with the NHS and Ministry of Defence, ensuring that there are enough hospital beds for patients and that critical supplies reach their destinations.

“With the full support of our staff, we have overcome a number of challenges since the start of the pandemic, such as altering our site layout and operations to ensure the safety of our workers and securing our supply chain in the face of a number of suppliers temporarily closing down as a result of Covid-19.

“The safety of our workforce is a priority and we’ve taken measures to increase social distancing by redesigning the factory to introduce more workstations, so they are further apart, working from home, where possible, and staggering breaks and shifts, so our staff always maintain a safe distance from each other.”

And with production volumes continuing to increase, Suman says the company will shortly be looking to create even more positions at the business.