A statement on Haco’s website says: “With the strategic taking over of the Polish firm DTI, we are reinforcing our international established position in the custom-made industrial market. Thanks to the incorporation of DTI, we are capable of offering our clients even more special-purpose custom designed machine tools and also the implementation of ‘turn-key’ projects.”

DTI was founded in 1971 and produces very large machines, an example of which is an FB200 CNC fixed-gantry milling machine for the USA’s Ellwood Mill Products, a company that has forging, heat treatment and machining capabilities to handle hot ingots that are produced by associate operation Ellwood Quality Steels.

FB200 CNC machines have a general specification, detailed in inches, of: table width 240 in (6.096 m); table length from 480 to 960 in (12.192 to 24.384 m); distance between columns of 300 in (7.620 m); height under crossrail, 60 in (1,524 m); and spindle power of 50 to 120 hp (37.285 to 90 kW).

Specific details for the Ellwood Mill Products machine, which is dedicated to machining material of high alloy steel up to 400 HB, are given as: one vertical milling head of 200 kW/47 kN; one side milling head of 100 kW/23 kN.

Ellwood Mill Products also has a FAT-Haco large capacity lathe, so Haco is already a supplier to the steel forging processing specialist.

Haco acquired Mubea Systems in 1996 (supplied via Asquith Butler and Kingsland Engineering in the UK), a maker of machining centres for tackling profile material, and FAT (Fabryka Automatow Tokarskich) from Poland in 1999 (supplied via Leader CNC Technologies in the UK), so acquiring a range of turning machines. Haco company Kingsland Engineering is the UK operation for Haco sheet metalworking machinery, as well as Mubea equipment. Machinery is awaiting confirmation as to whether DTI machines will be offered in the UK market.

Haco started in 1965 as a small Flemish family-owned business serving local industrial companies. Rogier Havegeer and Roger De Marez started their own company producing hydraulic components and providing maintenance and repair services. Today, Haco offers a full range of high quality solutions known around the globe, taking in woodworking, sheet metalworking and aluminium milling machines, as well as machine controls and surfacing installations.