The Faro Edge ScanArm boasts an accuracy of ±0.035 mm.

The company’s senior engineer, HAD field quality assurance, Anthony Coombes, carried-out an in-depth search, but settled on the Faro Edge ScanArm. He explains: “Although a couple of the other available measuring arm systems were able to meet our requirements in certain areas, none was able to provide the multiple useful features delivered by the Faro product. We now make full use of the Edge ScanArm within many company departments.

“With the use of the Edge ScanArm, when a new product is in the development stage, we are able to create a fully surfaced CAD model and to ensure that first article parts meet design specifications and tolerances. Our new Faro system provides all of the necessary precise dimensional data and helps to reduce the time taken to bring a product to the manufacturing stage.

“An intuitive on-board measurement system means that we do not need to use a laptop alongside the Edge ScanArm, making it easier to transport and use throughout our site. Across several departments, we use the Faro unit to confirm the dimensional accuracy of tooling. We also use the Faro system within in-process volume production situations to quickly and accurately take measurements and to highlight deviations from nominal CAD data conditions.

“Although we usually use the unit’s hard probe, as some of the parts, such as seals, are deformable, we are able to use the Edge ScanArm’s non-contact Laser Line Probe to accurately measure them. We also use the Laser Line Probe for scanning free-form parts.”

Coombes also highlights vendor-facing benefits: “In addition to the Edge ScanArm’s ability to efficiently gather dimensional data for our own internal use, it has also proved invaluable for providing feedback related to external vendor parts that have been supplied and that are within specification but are moving towards out-of-tolerance conditions. When supplied to vendors, this information allows them to make the required adjustments and to ensure the delivery of parts that are closer to nominal dimensional conditions.”

Complementing its Faro arm, Panasonic Manufacturing UK is using the company’s CAM2 Measure software to quickly and simply capture and use dimensional data gathered in both tactile and non-contact 3D scanning measurement routines. Relays Coombes: “When using the Edge ScanArm for scanning free-form parts, Faro’s software allows us to view and to understand the captured data in a clear graphic, full-colour format.”

And he concludes: “Faro’s Edge ScanArm has proven to be the ideal multi-use, accurate measuring tool for our diverse needs and is now making a valuable contribution towards upholding Panasonic Manufacturing UK’s stringent quality standards.”

This article was published in the July 2016 issue of Machinery magazine.