The event runs from 5-10 October, with the show organisers claiming that it will occupy an area of about 180,000 m2; boast some 100,000 stands; will see more than 1,300 exhibitors and, it is hoped, will attract around 200,000 visitors from all over the world. Image: Click here for additional image Highlighting the international flavour of EMO, Milan, foreign companies accounted for 70 per cent of exhibitors registered earlier this year for the event, while the previous Milan EMO event brought in 60,000 international visitors from 100 countries. Germany's DMG (Gildemeister and Deckel-Maho brands — 01582 570661) will take over a large part of hall 4. The company will present more then 30 high-tech machines in action from all technological sectors, including seven world firsts, on an exhibition stand covering an area of 1,554 m2. DMG's range of customer-orientated services and a large number of software modules and 'control tools', will also feature. The world premieres will include: DMU 50 eco, a new CNC universal milling machine; DMF 260-11 linear, a travelling column machining centre; Ultrasonic 10, a 120 by 120 by 120 mm high speed machining centre, with HSK 25 high frequency spindle offering 42,000 rpm (optional > 60,000 rpm) and able to machine a wide range of materials, including soft, hard and advanced materials (hard metal, ceramic, glass, corundum, and so on). There are promised innovations in mill-turn and multi-spindle lathe technology, as well as the introduction of a compact short bar loader. Also in hall 4 will be Mori Seiki (0844 800 7650), with whom Gildemeister now has a financial tie-up through cross shareholding. Taking around 1,200 m2, the Japanese manufacturer will present a selection of compact and flexible machine tools from its product portfolio. Additionally, the new control generation, MAPPS IV, will be presented. The control has a 19" TFT screen, PC keyboard and Core Duo Processor. Even better operability is achieved through programmable soft keys and enhanced screen functions. Depending on the model, the 20 MAPPS IV control will also be delivered with an additional integrated CAM module from Esprit. A total of 11 technical highlights will be presented and the company has revealed details about two of these ahead of the exhibition. Image: One of seven world premieres, DMG's DMF 260-11 linear The NT 1000 new compact high precision, high efficiency integrated mill-turn centre joins the NT Series line-up. The new machine is said to be ideal for complete machining of complex workpieces with a maximum bar diameter of 52 mm. Workpieces with a maximum turning diameter of 370 mm and length of 400 mm can be machined. Just like the larger machines from the NT series, original Mori Seiki technologies are integrated. The B-axis with zero backlash and Direct Drive Motor (DDM) and the Octagonal-Ram-Construction (ORCTM) ensure high rigidity in the Y axis. Both spindle 1 and the tool spindle use a cooling system to keep thermal displacement to a minimum. With these features, the NT1000 offers high precision machining of small and complex workpieces. Through the integration of a work support, which has the additional function of a workpiece ejector as standard, instead of a sub-spindle, complete machining from bar stock to finished flange parts can be carried out as standard. The NT1000 is available in three variations: the NT1000/W (with work support), the NT1000/WZ (with work support + turret 2) and the 50 NT1000/WZM (with work support and turret 2 having milling function). This machine is equipped with the new MAPPS IV control. Image: The Haas DT-1, one of three new machines In addition, the NMV 3000DCG, a new compact 5-axis mill-turn machine, is a compact unit with a large travel – 500, 350 and 510 mm in X, Y and Z, respectively. A particular feature is a C-axis offering 150 rpm as standard or 2,000 rpm optionally. NMV3000 DCG with MAPPS IV having integrated Esprit CAM comes with various spindle systems, offering up to 40,000 rpm. Automation solutions are available, such as a space-saving pallet storage system for various palette sizes. America's Haas Automation (01603 760539) has released details of three new machine tools, ahead of the show. One is the small Haas DT-1 drill and tap machine, first seen at the US' Westec show, Los Angeles, in the spring of this year. The DT-1 is a compact, high speed drill and tap machine with full CNC milling capabilities. It has a 508 by 406 by 394 mm work area and a 660 by 381 mm T-slot table. A 30 taper spindle provides 15,000 rpm and allows tapping at speeds of up to 5000 rpm. The DT-1 also comes with a high-speed 20-pocket tool changer (0.8 second tool-to-tool) and rapids of 61m/min on all axes. The Haas ES-5-4T is a compact, 40 taper horizontal machining centre having a VMC-style enclosure for easier visibility and operator access. The ES-5-4-T horizontal is a 4-axis version of the ES-5 series, with 1,016 by 457 by 558 mm travels and a rotating 1,016 by 381 mm T-slot table. An 8000-rpm in-line direct-drive spindle and a 24+1 station, side-mount tool changer are standard, with options for 12,000 rpm and 40+1 tools. The T-slot table accommodates a 5th axis rotary table and fixture, making it suitable for complex operations, such as cylinder head porting. Image: Click here for additional image The new Haas ST-30 high-performance turning centre will also be on the booth. Designed to provide heavy cutting ability, extreme rigidity and high thermal stability, the ST-30 has a maximum cutting capacity of 533 by 660 mm, with maximum swings over the front apron of 806 mm and 527 mm over the cross slide. A typical configuration of the ST-30 would include a 22.4 kW gear-driven spindle providing 1,139 Nm at 200 rpm, with maximum speed being 3,400 rpm. Other productivity-enhancing features include an automatic tool probe, driven tools and high-pressure coolant. The company's Haas CNC will also be sporting a number of new features designed to make programming and operation faster and more efficient. One of the new CNC features on show at EMO 2009 will be Program Optimiser, a facility that records feedrates and spindle-speed override adjustments made while the machine is in cycle; records coolant on/off and P-COOL position and also records notes during the cycle. After the program is finished, one press of the F4 key will display the adjustments and show where they were made. When the operator chooses to accept the changes, Program Optimiser will automatically edit the program with the revised speeds, feeds and notes, while displaying the original values in parentheses. The UK's Renishaw (01453 524524) will focus on machine tool and CMM utilisation at EMO 2009. New touch probes and probe software that increase machine tool automation, improve process control and allow advanced on-machine part verification, will be major features. There will also be the opportunity to discuss Renishaw's new CMM retrofit service, including MODUS, the company's first metrology software, and a new high speed solution for valve seat and guide measurement. There will also be a range of new motion control products, including a true absolute optical encoder for rotary and linear applications, and unique track-mounted linear encoder scale system. In more detail, ultra-compact touch probe RMP40, with radio signal transmission that uses Renishaw's frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), will be unveiled and is intended to support automated job set-up and in-process measurement on all sizes of CNC machine tools. The ultra-compact RMP40 probe is especially suited to multi-axis and mill-turn applications, while its variant, the RLP40 touch probe, is specifically designed for more hostile turning environments. A transmission-only module RMP40M is also being introduced. Productivity+ multi-axis option will be launched, which supports probe software measurement on multi-axis machine tools, specifically allowing more creativity and efficiency in machining processes, which, supported by Renishaw's high accuracy Rengage 3D technology-based touch probes and new ultra-compact radio probes, gives process engineers and machinists a wide choice of flexible process solutions. On-machine geometric measurement through Renishaw OMV is significantly enhanced with new measurement and reporting capability, while Renishaw OMV Pro software will be unveiled, a powerful package that works with touch probes to give advanced on-machine part verification and machine simulation capabilities. Image: Renishaw – valve seat form measurement CMM retrofits for all budgets and applications are to be highlighted, from touch trigger probing and 3-axis scanning, through to the latest ultra-fast REVO 5-axis measurement system. The company offers a 'one-stop shop' upgrade solution, from its new MODUS metrology software and universal CMM controller, through to sensors and machine calibration. In conjunction with Renishaw's 5-axis measurement technology software packages offer automated analysis of a range of attribute data, including valve seat form error, seat circularity profile at any specified height, runout of the seat to the guide bore axis, and concentricity of the guide and seat. That's what some exhibitors have in store. In the panels on this and other pages, Machinery lists a number of other EMO participants and highlights. But don't miss Machinery's 'EMO Product Launch Review', which will give a comprehensive listing of UK-relevant EMO product unveilings. It will be published just four weeks after the show closes its doors. EMO 2009, Milan – technology galore Fanuc Group (01604 744130) will highlight new functions for CNCs and drives, as well as new energy-saving tools and service and support products. A variety of automation concepts, featuring integration of intelligent robots with machine tools, will be presented. These will include a super-heavy payload robot and a high speed mini robot. For example, its Series 30i/31i/32i CNCs, suited for complex machines, have new 5-axis machining features, such as 'Smooth TCP'/'Smooth TCP2'.These minimise machining time and maximise machining quality. Also, 3D Interference Check has been expanded, which safeguards collision-risk areas, while there's now a Quick Program Restart Function, which enables easy resumption of machining after, for example tool damage. The new Tacchella Elektra range (NL Machine Tool Consulting, 01908 675434) features the latest Fanuc CNC controls, with touch screen and patented Touch-Tacchella software, and is available with fixed wheelhead (F), manually swivelling (U) and with B-axis (UA). It supports 508 mm diameter grinding wheels, 1,000 and 1,500 mm centres distances, plus 180 and 230 mm centre heights. Paul Horn GmbH (01425 481800) will exhibit recently introduced product innovations for grooving, milling, threading and part-off applications. A key recent development has been the introduction of ground-in chipbreaker technology to maximise the performance of Supermini boring tools. Among the all-new Horn products on show in Milan will be a new range of milling cutters for high feed milling applications and a range of innovative high precision reamers. CGTech (01273 773538) will exhibit the next major version of VERICUT CNC machine simulation and optimisation software. VERICUT 7 features significant performance-improving enhancements that reduce the time required for manufacturing engineers to develop, analyse, inspect and document the CNC programming and machining process. Instead of focusing on new features or add-on modules, CGTech developer resources have focused on diligent code optimisation and customer-driven enhancements. Delcam (0121 683 1081) will launch the new version of its FeatureCAM feature-based machining software. It includes enhancements across the full range of FeatureCAM functionality, from 2D drilling and wire EDM, to 5-axis milling and mill-turn operations. A range of enhancements in the 2010 version will make the software quicker; most important is support for multi-threading when generating 3D toolpaths, allowing average time savings are around 25 per cent on a dual-core PC. MAG Hüller Hille (0121 30 65 600) will introduce a vertical main spindle range, NBV, with the first, NBV 400, being unveiled at the show. It has a small footprint and boasts modular design, which offers a fixed table for 3-axis machining, with a clamping surface 1,000 by 700 mm (X, Y-axis). The NBV 400 can also sport a tilting table (A-axis) for 4-axis machining, a rotary/tilting table (C-on A-axis) for simultaneous 5-axis milling and a rotary/tilting table (C-on A-axis) for 5-axis mill-turning with a C-axis speed of 1,000 rpm. Schiefring Group's ( Microsa Kronos S250 centreless grinding machine is designed for infeed and throughfeed grinding, using both conventional and CBN grinding wheels, for parts in the diameter range 1.5 to 35 mm and with an infeed width of up to 245 mm. CBN grinding wheels offer a peripheral speed up to 150 m/s. The EWAG Compact Line tool grinders are designed for the flexible and precise manufacturing or resharpening of indexable inserts in all materials, carbide, cermet, ceramic or super-hard CBN/PCD. Loading is carried out with the integrated 6-axis FANUC robot, which increases the level of machine automation and permits autonomous multi-shift operation. The Schaudt ShaftGrind S is designed to machine a variety of shafts efficiently. Seats for transmission shafts are usually ground in an indexing process, either by straight plunging or high-speed peel grinding. The ShaftGrind S, with its S2 tilting spindle, enables different widths of grinding wheel to be used, and permits the interpolation of undercutting and plunge cutting with an electroplated grinding wheel. This markedly increases the productivity of the machine. When high speed plunge grinding with CBN, the ShaftGrind S reaches cutting speeds of 200 m/s. This, together with the carbon-carrier system of the machine, makes the process more productive. The CamGrind S version of this machine is already used successfully for camshaft grinding. Located together in Hall 5 – Hardinge, Bridgeport, Kellenberger, Hauser, Tripet & Tschudin brands (0116 286 9900) – will be showcasing a range of new, advanced and high-performance 3-and 5-axis Bridgeport machining centres (above, left), 'Super Precision' Hardinge turning centres, Kellenberger universal cylindrical grinding machines and Hauser jig grinders – from four adjacent stands at the show. Emag (01902 376090) will unveil "a completely new, possibly revolutionary, grinding process" for crankshafts. Called Synchronous Support-Grinding, the claim is for an up-to-70 per cent reduction in machining times. GF AgieCharmilles (024 7653 8666) will unveil its new CUT 1000 OilTech wire-cut EDM, which uses oil dielectric and has built-in thermo-stabilisation. The CUT 20 and CUT 30 series machines have seen performance increases, with the introduction of the new P version. In the die-sink area, the company will also introduce the FORM 1000, a machine which will "set new standards in industrialised machining of smallest parts". On the milling front, there'll be the introduction of the Mikron XSM/HSM 400 LP and 400U LP. Nakamura-Tome (Turning Technologies, 01926 818403) will exhibit three new machines: Super NTY3 Jumbo; Super NTMX; WY-100MMYY. The 71 mm (80 opt) bar capacity Super NTY3 Jumbo expands the range of twin spindle, three turret turning centres and offers a true alternative to toolchange mill/turn machines. When large tool capacities and competitive cycle times are required, with three 16-station turrets, the NTY3 Jumbo loses nothing to chip-to-chip times. The 51 mm bar capacity Super NTMX has been developed to offer a high speed, small footprint, very competitively priced toolchange mill-turn centre. It offers full +/-95° B-axis and twin 24 tool magazines, with a 24-tool lower turret. The WY-100MMYY takes the best-selling 42 mm bar diameter WT-100MMY and adds a Y-axis to the lower turret. Sodick's new HS650L linear motor-driven 5-axis high speed machining centre, incorporating a new 5-axis table designed for both high accuracy and HSC machining, will be on show (Sodi-Tech, 024 7651 1677). The Matsuura Cublex-63 (01530 511400) is a multi tasking mill-turn multi-pallet 5-axis machine that is also capable of grinding. It offers a maximum work size of 630 mm diameter by 450 mm high, with a load capacity of 350 kg. Hwacheon's latest 8 axes Hi-Tech turning centre, T2-YSMC, will be shown complete with full-length magazine bar loader and 'lights out' package (Ward Hi-Tech, 0114 2560333). The T2-YSMC features twin 8" diameter hydraulic chucks, upper and lower twin turret arrangements with 'Y' axis and driven tool facility. This model forms part of the multi axis 6 model T2 series family, which will soon be joined by a large capacity T3 and T4 series portfolio. The Hi-Tech 70/26 heavy duty oil country slant bed lathe will also be shown for the first time in Europe during the EMO exhibition is based on the Hi-Tech 700 heavy duty slant bed lathe, but features a large through bore headstock and chucking arrangement suitable for oil country work. Shown for the first time in Europe will be the Dah Lih MCV-860 vertical machining centre. The MCV-860 model is a rigid, high performance 'C' frame vertical machining centre having axis travels of 860, 550 and 550 mm in X, Y and Z, respectively. Union (Ward CNC, 0114 276 5411) will be promoting the new PR 200/250 – a cost-effective boring mill purposely designed for simultaneous rough and ultra-precision finish machining of large workpieces – up to 8 m high and weighing 250 tonnes – and equipped with a spindle diameter of 250 mm, and a main drive motor rated at 130 kW that produces torque up to 17.000 Nm. Rapid feed rates are up to 25 m/min. First published in Machinery September 2009