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Tebis case study - AFS Entwicklungs and Vertriebs GmbH

In this Tebis case study, Dr Florian Brehmer, AFS Managing Director, is interviewed.

Whether it’s laminated, printed, metalised or coated: Packaging is a highly complex composite of different materials. For over 30 years, AFS has been producing plasma, corona and perforation systems for handling these packaging materials. The requirements are demanding, and robust systems must be used. AFS has become a market leader thanks to its quality and reliability.

The designers provide a broad range of system sizes and individual configurations. The mechanical engineering company produces standard parts, including small parts and side walls of aluminium and stainless steel, in its machine production– and it uses Tebis CAD/CAM software from design to final manufacturing.


End-to-end processing, from design to final manufacturing

Improved information flow throughout the process

Efficient process analysis for faster processes