E-mobility electrifying EMO Hannover 2023

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The automotive industry is consistently pushing forward electromobility. This, in turn, has implications for manufacturing technology. More and more intricate and lightweight parts need to be processed. What is the most economical way to machine battery components? What challenges are involved in gear and transmission manufacturing?

These and other questions will be some of the key issues at EMO Hannover 2023. Answers will be provided by machine tool and tooling manufacturers, and by researchers.Quiet gearing for electric vehicles

Gear noise is a key quality feature in transmissions for electrically driven vehicles. The relatively loud combustion engine’s days are numbered, and so the focus is now shifting to the amount of noise generated by the other drive components, with gears representing the greatest source.

Klingelnberg GmbH from Hückeswagen has adapted its production system accordingly and is showcasing the result at EMO Hannover. The company’s primary focus is on gear grinding as well as quality assurance.

In the video above, Dr. Alexander Landvogt explains the advantages of the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300. With the compact roll testing machine R 300, Klingelnberg present a machine that is designed for five roll testing procedures. This roll testing allows the noise excitation of each individual gear to be recorded and documented immediately after the grinding process.