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DMG Mori president visits CloudNC factory to explore CAM Assist

DMG Mori President Masahiko Mori has visited CloudNC’s state-of-the-art factory in Chelmsford, Essex, to speak with CEO Theo Saville and to see how the company's recently launched CAM Assist software works.

During his visit, Dr. Mori, a renowned industry expert, witnessed first-hand the advanced capabilities of CloudNC’s CAM Assist software in action. Read more about the launch of CAM Assist here.

The CloudNC team collaborated with Dr. Mori to produce a part using CAM Assist, showcasing how its software integrates with machines to create precision parts.

The company said after witnessing the technology in action, Dr. Mori praised the company’s efforts, stating that "this is the future for the machine shops”.

CloudNC’s mission is to revolutionise the manufacturing industry by harnessing the power of automated CAM programming to simplify and accelerate the product of precision components.

CAM Assist was launched in July, and CloudNC says the software pushes boundaries and transforms traditional machining processes - making precision manufacturing easier than ever before.

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