Why Visual Factories founder Matti Tiano is bringing Industry 4.0 to UK manufacturing

With business rates, taxes, high labour costs and uncertainty about Brexit, how can UK factories compete with the Far East and Asia to offer a competitive location to manufacture? Matti Tiano, founder of Performance Improvement Management (PIM) software from Visual Factories, says adopting Industry 4.0 is the answer.

"Right now, manufacturers are struggling to survive,” says Matti. “Profitability is so low and global competition so strong, it is increasingly difficult for manufacturers to maintain high performance at lower costs. Every little thing you can do now to be more efficient and to improve your use of resources will strengthen your position”.

Enter Industry 4.0. Matti explains it as the connecting of two technologies – the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics. However, to help manufacturers progress and become more competitive, the secret is in matching these emerging technologies with a product that has value and adds benefits to the customer. It is this school of thought that has led Matti to establish Visual Factories and develop the PIM software system that builds a bridge between data analysis and the user.

The PIM system captures the production machines’ activity in real time. It uses state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms to learn, analyse and present the collected data through unique easy to comprehend displays and reports.So far, 10 global manufacturers in the aerospace and tooling industries have adopted Visual Factories’ PIM system and within 3 months, their Operations Equipment Efficiency (OEE) rates have improved by 20%. The impact Visual Factories is having on Israeli manufacturing caught the eye of Microsoft who has signed the company up for its Microsfot Accelerator programme in Tel Aviv.

“Visual Factories is giving companies a window to the shop floor that managers have never had before,” Matti says. “The manufacturers who can recognise, understand and drive the benefits of Industry 4.0 will be the winners.”

Visual Factories PIM solution is supplied exclusively in the UK by engineering software solutions provider NT CADCAM. For more information call 0808 250 4953.

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