Tramp oil, the largest single cause of coolant failure, we have the solution

Tramp Oil is slide way oil that has finished lubricating your machine slides and is now contaminating your coolant. It is an:
• Excellent source of food for bacteria
• Potential cause of skin irritation
• Leads to smoke and mists when recirculated to the cutting tool
• Leads to poor component finish when recirculated to the cutting tool

The Solution Remove with a tramp oil separator, normally you would be looking at around £3000 for a machine, now you can buy ours with prices from just around 1/3 of the cost. One of our compact systems rapidly removes the tramp oil as well as cleaning and aerating the coolant sump. This continuous aeration process makes it difficult for unwanted micro organisms to survive thereby further extending coolant life. Benefits • No more "Monday morning smell" • Extended coolant life, reduced waste coolant for disposal • Extended tool life - Better surface finish • Smoke and odours eliminated, clearer refractometer readings • Better operator environment, eliminates risk of skin irritation from tramp oil • Easier to comply with the HSE's guidelines with regard to bacteria in sumps Excellent tramp oil separation by means of a patented system to give maximum efficiency in a compact package. No electric supply required. Dependable & reliable operation by means of an oversized air operated diaphragm pump. Low air consumption, the pump only needs to be "ticking over". Over 5000 sold - NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UK – Contact Macinnes Tooling 01436 676 913 to arrange a demonstration.