Lightweight carbon fibre chuck range from HAINBUCH

HAINBUCH's carbon fibre clamping devices are as much as two thirds lighter than the standard versions yet stronger and more rigid, with identical clamping force values.

The drawbar-actuated TOPlus chuck and the manually actuated TOROK clamps launched the carbon fibre constructed chuck series. The chucks allow faster acceleration and braking of the machine spindle resulting in faster machine cycle times and productivity increases. Additionally due to the low weight, energy consumption is reduced and the machine drive has a significantly lower load. The lightweight version of the manual-actuation 'MANOK plus' stationary chuck is designed for use on milling machines and machining centres with low load weight. The aluminium flange, in conjunction with the carbon fibre base structure, allows a weight reduction of approximately two-thirds, relative to the standard version. In addition, the lightweight construction variant of the 'MANOK plus' substantially minimises the interference contour and offers impressive dynamic machining on 5-axis machines. Here as well, the low weight lightens the machine drive and has a positive effect on positioning accuracy.