High speed tooling for FANUC Robodrill

NSK Nakanishi, manufacturers of ultra-precision high speed motors and spindles, in conjunction with Alberti of Italy, a leading manufacturer of tooling, have introduced a high speed ATC tooling solution for the very successful FANUC Robodrill range of vertical machining centres.

The BT30 holder incorporates a Nakanishi 60,000 rpm air motor and spindle with a collet capability of 3.175 mm diameter, making it particularly suited for small hole drilling and milling operations. There is also a right angle unit available, which is capable of delivering a tool speed of 20,000 rpm, for machining features or hole drilling in the vertical faces of components. Filtered, lubricated air is supplied to the tool holder via a stop block arrangement, specially designed to fit onto the Robodrill spindle column, utilising an existing retaining feature and rendering the installation of the whole system a relatively simple process. After many years of perfecting high precision motor spindles, Nakanishi has built a wealth of knowledge in the fields of micro-machining and precision processing. This experience has allowed it to achieve dynamic run-out accuracy within 1 µm. A full range of electrical and pneumatic solutions are available for attaching to turning centres, vertical machining centres and special purpose machinery. TS Technology as well as operating a full Servicing and Repair Centre has trained staff for all applications concerning Nakanishi equipment. For more details and to request a demonstration please contact TS Technology, NSK Nakanishi's UK agent.