CT or not CT – That is The Question! - Measurement Solutions introduce affordable, everyday CT Scanning. MACH 2012 - Hall 5 stand 5844

Since being established almost 15 years ago, Measurement Solutions have innovated by bringing unique and class-leading measuring systems to the UK market. Driven by instinct and an astute understanding of the needs of UK manufacturing organisations, the company has always striven to introduce novel and cost-effective solutions to many of the market's measurement conundrums.

As a result, Measurement Solutions has become established as one of the first sales partners for a wide range of international products including Metrologic CMM software, now the world's leading inspection software for CMM's and portable measuring systems such as laser trackers, and the Handyscan3D handheld laser scanning system from Creaform. In recent years, 3D scanning has become common throughout industry, with laser scanning becoming increasingly popular. However, this has been limited to scanning of visible surfaces. CT scanning is seen by many as the ultimate measuring and scanning solution, as not only does it enable the user to scan visible surfaces just like a laser scanner, this technology can also "see-through" an object and capture all internal features as well as material defects, such as voids in castings. Iain Caville, Managing Director of Measurement Solutions, explains further, "CT is clearly a massive leap forward in scanning technology, but it is accepted by many as being out of reach, primarily due to the price. The problem with the CT systems that are on the market today is that they are aimed at high level applications where, to all intents and purposes, money is no object. What the market really needs is a "scaled-down" solution that is applicable to everyday applications, and is therefore cost-effective and achievable". Having recognised this situation, the company did what it has always done best – searched the market to see if there was anything available that could fulfil the requirements of the UK market, with a reputation and support structure to back up the system. Coincidentally, one of the leading European manufacturers of CT scanning systems was also looking for a partner to promote a completely new range of bench-top scanning devices in the UK. The scene was set for a new UK partnership between Measurement Solutions and Wenzel Group GmbH, represented in the UK by Wenzel UK Ltd. Wenzel Group GmbH is a German Metrology group that is well-known for its range of high accuracy coordinate measuring machines, with an annual turnover in excess of €80million. They acquired Volumetrik Gmbh, an innovative company in the design and manufacture of CT scanning solutions, developed under the guidance of Dr. Martin Simon, who is probably the leading pioneer in the field of computed tomography for metrology applications. With almost 15 years' experience in this field, his team has developed a unique range of bench-top CT scanning systems that offer unrivalled performance for such a space-saving machine, under the newly formed Wenzel Volumetrik GmbH. The exaCT range of CT scanners offers the market a solution that is both high performance and extremely cost-effective. The system is aimed directly at everyday scanning applications, such as small castings, plastic parts, etc., where the low value of the part has made CT scanning uneconomic in the past. The small, bench-top design enables the user to have an easy to use scanning system that does not require a large working area, unlike all other scanners. All components are housed in one compact system, with a choice of X-ray sources and detectors available to customise the solution to the user's precise needs. The complete range is based on the same high precision mechanics that are used in traditional Wenzel CMM's, ensuring high accuracy and stability throughout the range. The X-ray detectors of the new exaCT range have been specifically developed by Dr. Simon's team to optimise scanning ability in such a small platform. As an example, the exaCT XS is the newest addition to the range, and is an all-in-one unit that includes a built-in touch screen control panel, a measuring range up to 75mm, and a footprint of only 600 x 500mm. Iain Caville continues "This is a major development for the market – a CT scanner that is both easy to use and completely affordable. While CT scanning is still in its infancy for industrial purposes, we are very pleased to be able to team up with one of the leaders in this field to develop a market in the UK". The partnership is fully supported by Wenzel UK's managing director, Martin Hawkins. "We have known for a long time that Measurement Solutions have a unique combination of knowledge within both scanning and metrology applications. The synergy between our two companies was clear to see from the outset, and we welcome the opportunity to work with Iain's team in developing this extremely exciting product range". Measurement Solutions will launch the exaCT range at the MACH show in April 2012 on booth 5844.