Bespoke workholding in one day from Proto Labs

When it comes to getting jigs or fixtures for modern production lines, speed is the key to minimise any downtime.

That's when the ability to have bespoke jigs or fixtures manufactured from 3D CAD models in just one to three days could prove a lifeline in getting component production up and running again. For over 10 years, Proto Labs has been working with some of the largest manufacturers across the world providing specialised and bespoke jigs & fixtures for modern production lines. With its patented software able to read 3D CAD models submitted using secure servers and whether a customer needs injection moulded holdings in just about any thermoplastic on the market, or machined aluminium/brass holdings, Proto Labs will send a quote within hours and then have the bespoke jig or fixture dispatched to the customer in as little as one business day. And because the bespoke part from Proto Labs will be fully functional, with all of the mechanical properties of the material chosen, the part will be ready to test on the production line as soon as it arrives. Proto Labs can do this because its business is built around automating much of the production process to make the manufacturing of prototypes and low-volume production economical through the use of state-of-the-art computing technology. Ultra-fast computer clusters will even analyse a model and provide manufacturability advice that will help perfect the design. This translates into vastly reduced development times and costs as it enables the fine-tuning of jigs or fixtures before going into production. So if a jig or fixture is needed fast: Firstcut can machine parts and Protomold can injection mould parts - in as little as one business day.