ANCA’s TXcell Excels in Tool Manufacturing

Renowned for its wide range of high-quality CNC tool grinders, ANCA has launched 'TXcell', a revolutionary new system designed for efficient cellular tool manufacturing. TXcell is a flexible CNC tool grinder featuring an integrated robot work cell that takes bar stock to finished tools in a single setup.

TXcell offers unsurpassed production flexibility whilst also excelling in productivity and accuracy. ANCA's advanced new system is equally suited to mass production or small batch / short lead time manufacturing. Customers are now demanding an increasing range of tools, in smaller batches and of higher quality, whilst at the same time insisting on cost savings and quicker deliveries. This increased need for tool makers to become more adaptable was the prime motivation in ANCA's development of the TXcell concept. Based on ANCA's TX7+ machine, a global industry benchmark for precision and productivity, the TXcell includes a robot cell covering both wheel pack and tool loading. The system has options of up to 24 wheel pack stations, encompassing wheel diameters of up to 300mm. The choice of up to 4 pallet stations further extends unmanned grinding production, with zero retooling between batches. The advanced cellular concept of TXcell allows robot functionality to be fully utilised for additional operations such as laser etching, tool finishing, fine brush honing, etc. Eliminating the need for separate machines and manufacturing the complete tool within a single manufacturing cell is what Blanket grinding is all about. It provides a competitive advantage in production flexibility, accuracy and bottom line profit by reducing time costs and reducing the number of machines needed. The TXcell's fast setup times, together with the reduced need for manual intervention between batches of tools, substantially increases machine up-time. The TXcell is even able to work through 3 full pallets of tools in a single unmanned run. TXcell's productivity is further enhanced with other unique software and accessories. ANCA's CIMulator3D is able to program and simulate the grinding process offline. Whilst ANCA's patented MPG Feed is the safest and fastest program prove-out technique available. An onboard iView camera also allows operators to quickly ensure that new tool designs are ready for unmanned production. Click here for further information on the TXcell.