Zoller Venturion 450 tool presetter is smart factory-ready

Zoller’s new Venturion 450 tool presetter boasts the new, ergonomic ‘eQ’ one-hand control handle, a striking look and also offers everything for the networked manufacturing world of the future, the maker says.

Capacities are: measuring range in Z of 450, 620 or 820 mm; measuring range in X of 210 or 310 mm; maximum tool diameter of 420 or 620 mm; and snap gauge diameter of 100, 70 or 40 mm.

The system uses Zoller’s Pilot 3.0 software, which offers: ‘Elephant’ for measuring and presetting standard tools without data input and previous knowledge; selection from more than 200 automatic cutter shapes; measuring setting sheets/tool lists at the push of a button, with direct transfer to the tool machine; adjustable LED lighting for brilliant display and inspection of cutting edges; inspecting, measuring and documenting tools in transmitted and incident light; management of tools, setting sheets/tool lists, individual components, graphs, warehouse, order system.