XYZ introduces XL 780 heavy duty lathe

The XL 780 heavy duty lathe is the latest addition to the range of medium-to-large capacity turning machines available from XYZ Machine Tools.

With its 780 mm swing and 3,000 mm between centres, the XYZ XL 780 is the smallest machine in the XL range. However, it features a large, one-piece, 500 mm wide cast bed, and a headstock that is said to provide a heavy duty and stable machining platform for long and large diameter components. In addition, the 160 mm spindle bore maximises the capability of the 1,300 rpm, 40 hp spindle, says XYZ. Also featured are induction-hardened gears, precision roller bearings and high pressure lubrication. The machine's Siemens 828D ShopTurn control features conversational programming software. Furthermore, the 'Contour Hand Wheel' feature allows the operator to run through the program manually, prior to going into full CNC mode.