WNT unveils WTX-180 solid carbide drills

WNT’s WTX-180 solid carbide drills forsake the traditional drill point for a specially designed 180° point. According to the company, this means that the drills can drill through flat-bottomed, counterbored and cross-holes, with ease. The WTX-180 can also drill directly into inclined faces of up to 45°.

They achieve this by virtue of the square approach of the newly developed four-facet tip geometry and the precision-ground K-land on the outer edge of the flute. Cutting data is not compromised, with typical data when machining steel (<800 N/mm2) of 80 m/min surface speed without through-coolant (up to 120 m/min with through-coolant) and 0.18 mm/rev feed rate, based on a 10 mm diameter drill.

WTX-180 drills are available in two standard lengths: 3xD and 5xD, with size increments of 0.1 mm between 3 and 12 mm, and a selection of popular sizes between 12 and 20 mm.