Widia adds PH geometry for hard materials to WMT platform

The high performance PH plunging and turning geometry insert is now available for the Widia WMT platform. It has been designed and engineered for materials harder than 35 HRc or in heavily interrupted cuts across a broad range of work materials.

Widia´s WMT platform is a core program for grooving and cut-off. One toolholder securely seats whatever insert geometries are needed: PT for plunging and turning, PC for plunging and contouring, CM for cut-off (or CM-W with wiper), and now PH geometry for plunging and turning hard materials. The WMT toolholder is engineered with an extra-long clamping area for insert stability. The proprietary Double V system makes it easy to securely seat inserts in the toolholder pocket for both optimal insert positioning and superior side-load resistance. The PH WMT insert, with its 90º top and bottom clamping design, rigid cutting edges, and positive geometry, is intended for plunging and turning hard materials or in accomplishing interrupted cuts in steels, stainless steels, aluminums, cast irons, or high-temperature alloys. The WU25PT grade recommended for interrupted cutting features an advanced PVD TiAlN coating for longer tool life, equating to more parts per edge.