Walter introduces new grooving series of turning tools

​Via the Xpress rapid delivery service, Walter now offers its customers special tools delivered within four weeks, less than half the time it usually takes. All this for little more than the standard price.

Before now, customers were already able to order certain milling cutters, drills and indexable inserts via Walter Xpress; Walter is now adding grooving tools and cutting inserts to its range.

As a result, the G1011 and G4011 monoblock grooving tools and the double-edged and four-edged cutting inserts from the DX, GX and MX systems can now also be ordered via Walter Xpress.

This is available in shank sizes of 10 to 50mm, as a square shank with approach angles from 0 to 90° or with Walter Capto C3–C8. This provides Walter customers with access to a wide portfolio for radial grooving, parting off and groove turning, with and without precision cooling, which they can tailor to their specific needs.

The goal is to offer customers tools that are perfectly adapted to their circumstances. For example, tools that are as long as necessary and as short as possible to achieve maximum stability, therefore decisively increasing the tool life and surface finish quality.

The customer can configure their tools online within minutes, alongside their on-site Walter engineer, selecting such features as the shank version that suits their needs, various approach angles, with or without internal coolant, as well as the required width, reach and approach angle for the application.

In addition to short delivery times and an attractive price-performance ratio, customers also receive an automated quotation drawing included with the quotation, validating the tool dimensions selected.