Walter introduce new insert grades

With the WPP10G, WPP20G and WPP30G grades, Walter presents the new Tiger·tec Gold indexable inserts, specially designed for turning operations. The aim was to reduce flank face wear by 30 to 60%.

In reality, tool life increased by an average of 50% according to the results of over 130 customer tests. The primary application is steel with a tensile strength of 600 to 900N/mm². Lightweight components made of steel with high tensile strength of 1000 to 1400N/mm², which are on-trend at the moment, can also be machined with the new grades.

The indexable inserts are sure to be of particular interest to mass producers in the automotive, energy and general mechanical engineering sectors, where the inserts significantly reduce the cost per component. Wherever a range of materials are used, such as in the mechanical engineering industry, users can benefit from their versatility: Walter is launching the grades with nine geometries across the program for applications such as optimised chip breaking on long-chipping, low-carbon materials (MP3) and interrupted cutting (RP7) to the market.

Another key feature of the Tigertec Gold inserts for turning is their outstanding process reliability. This, alongside their performance and tool life, is the result of their unique layer structure: A patent-pending, highly textured MT-TiCN layer reduces flank face wear and increases toughness due to its multi-layered structure, which optimises elasticity. The highly textured Al2O3 layer additionally increases the product's resistance to crater wear.

The gold coloured top layer improves wear detection. The final multi-stage post-treatment of the inserts ensures a smooth rake face, less friction and a high level of toughness.

The individual alignment of the grades makes the indexable inserts outstandingly versatile: WPP10G for continuous cuts and light interrupted cuts, WPP20G as a universal grade for 50% of applications and the tough WPP30G grade for interrupted cuts as well as unstable or unfavourable conditions.