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Walter develop new internal machining system

With the W1211/W1210 copy turning system, Walter is transferring to internal machining the positive features of its W1011/W1010 turning system for external machining that is already established in the market. The boring bars and indexable inserts with WL positive engagement solve a common problem.

High forces occur when copy turning with V-style inserts, which cause micromovements of the insert in the toolholder and therefore widen the insert seat. This results in increased wear on the cutting edge, less machining precision and a lack of indexing accuracy with insert types such as V & D-style inserts.

Due to their positive-locking insert seat design with three-point support, the W1211/W1210 boring bars and WL25 inserts achieve outstanding stability. This increases the tool life while enabling users to use the tools in both directions of travel, which increases the indexing accuracy by 50%.

Walter offers two versions of the boring bars with diameters of 25, 32 and 40 mm: W1210 for profiling angles of up to 72.5° and W1211 for profiling angles of up to 50°. The positive WL25 indexable inserts with three cutting edges are available in four insert types, depending on the requirements of the application.

Neutral, left-hand, right-hand and full-radius versions fit into the same tool. In addition to the wear-resistant Walter Tiger·tec Silver grades, Tiger·tec Gold inserts are now also available. The dual rake face coolant holes and the optional axial cooling for flushing out the chips during blind-hole machining also result in longer tool life and greater cost-efficiency. These special features and the versatility of the system make it the current benchmark for the market.