Vollmer Vgrind 160 offers more flexibility and capability

The latest Vgrind 160 CNC tool and cutter grinder from Vollmer can process tools up to 50 mm diameter, more than double the 20 mm maximum diameter of its predecessor. This expanded capacity also extends the maximum grinding length of the tools – up to 265 mm (with a 200 mm grinding length).

To ensure the Vgrind 160 can process these particularly long tool shanks, Vollmer has incorporated a steady rest support system that prevents tool deflection and vibration during processing.

Another key benefit of the Vgrind 160 is the improved automation system. Whereas the previous Vgrind had capacity for two pallets, the latest configuration offers the option of Vollmer's HP160 pallet magazine for up to 272 tools. Alternatively, customers can opt for the Vollmer HPR250 system with Fanuc robot that can more than triple capacity.