Vargus introduce new 'MACH' threading line

As a world-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of precision threading, grooving, turning and hand deburring tools, Vargus Tooling UK Ltd has now launched its new series of MACH Supersonic Threading products. Developed for unparalleled productivity when threading, the new MACH Supersonic Threading range is the new industry benchmark.

The new series incorporates a complete range of thread turning tools and thread milling products. The patent-pending turning range has been introduced with a comprehensive range of MACH TT external inserts and corresponding MACH TT toolholders. The MACH TT external turning inserts are available with both a 55 and 60-degree partial profile, ISO metric, American UN, Whitworth for BSW and BSP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, Round and Trapez, UNJ, MJ, API Round and Metric Buttress.

This range of inserts that caters for the complete threading spectrum is capable of producing threads twice as fast as competitor products due to several unique innovations. Each of the respective thread geometries incorporates an improved rake with a reinforced geometry that creates a strong insert design with a high resistance that permits cutting at higher speeds and reduces the number of passes required.

Adding to this geometry is Vargus new VK8 insert grades that combine an AlTiN and TiN PVD coating to give exceptional durability and performance on a complete range of materials from steel and stainless, cast iron and nonferrous materials through to heat resistant alloys and hardened steels. The advanced surface treatment and improved profile design reinforce the strength of the cutting edge whilst providing a smooth surface finish and superior thread profile. This abundance of innovations reduces the number of passes required to dramatically decrease machining times and extend tool life whilst delivering unsurpassed thread quality.

Every thread designation is available with a vast array of dimensions and thread pitches to meet all of the threading demands of the industry. Working in complete synergy with the indexable triangular inserts is the respective toolholder with the Vargus dovetailed clamping system that is extremely rigid for high load machining.

The toolholders are available without or with through coolant facility that improves chip breaking and prolongs the life of the tool by delivering high-pressure coolant directly to the cutting edge with both a top and bottom coolant outlet channel. The tool shanks are available with a 12 or 16mm width and depth for application on Swiss-type sliding head turning centres with 20, 25 and 32mm toolholders also available for application on a complete range of turning centres. Additionally, the toolholders are available in lengths from 84.5mm to 170mm to suit specific machine tools.

Complementing the thread turning range of MACH products from Vargus is the new MACH TM thread milling range. Like the thread turning range, the MACH TM thread milling line is available in a complete range of thread geometries to cater for the complete demands of any machine shop. The solid carbide high-performance treadmills incorporate an improved cutting-edge design with a reinforced geometry to allow cutting under high loads with maximum efficiency.

Complementing this design is a large core diameter that increases the stability and strength of the MACH TM series to enable higher speed and feed rates. Further enhancing the ability to cut at high feed rates is a design feature that includes a fourth flute that further improves cutting performance and evacuates the swarf at speed. Assisting this tool design in removing chips from the cutting area is a through coolant facility that flushes the swarf from the cutting edge.

For prolonged machining performance, Vargus has introduced its innovative new VH4 high wear resistance TiCN PVD coating technology to its new MACH TM series. This advanced surface treatment enables the new thread mills to improve surface finishes whilst prolonging tool life by reinforcing the cutting edge. Creating further stability and rigidity for the cutting edge, Vargus has optimised the flute length of the MACH TM series - taking performance and tool life to a new stratosphere.

The helical flute tools are available in a complete range of thread sizes and pitches to suit the end user’s requirements. For example, the ISO Metric thread mills are available from M3 to M20 with both coarse and fine pitch options with tool diameters from 3 to 16mm and lengths from 28 to 102mm with four or five flutes depending upon the selected tool diameter.

This diverse range of sizes is also available in the NPT, BSP and American UN designations with thread mill sizes ranging from 1/8 inch to 2 inch depending upon the specified thread geometry. Like the MACH TT thread turning series, the MACH TM line is a high-performance range that is capable of cutting materials from steel and stainless through to cast-iron nonferrous materials and heat resistant alloys. For further information on how you can improve your threading performance, please contact Vargus UK.