Unison to showcase speed enhancement and new tube bending machines at MACH

Additionally, for organisations that do not typically require the high levels of versatility and rapid setup times offered by Unison’s industry-leading Breeze range, but aspire to owning a Unison tube bending machine, there will be the opportunity to get the lowdown on Unison’s newly launched range of Synergy HBM (hybrid, multi-stack) range of machines.

Unison Ltd, the inventors of ultra-precise, all-electric CNC tube bending machines, will be presenting a number of new technologies at MACH 2022 to help manufacturers and subcontractors accelerate their efficiency and productivity as demand returns to pre-pandemic levels. 

On show and operational on Stand 630, Hall 6, will be an all-electric Unison Breeze 16 mm (maximum tube diameter) multi-stack tube bending machine, equipped with the company’s newly upgraded Unibend control – an operating system providing speed enhancements in the region of 25% when bending at full power. There will also be a Unison EvBend 1000, a high-precision machine developed to reduce the entry cost to precision rotary draw tube bending by combining manually- operated feed, tube rotation and bending force, with CNC-controlled braking on the carriage feed, rotation and bend arm axes. Ideal for prototypes and one offs, the EvBend 1000 is widely used in the Formula One and aerospace industries.

Unison Ltd offers more than 30 advanced, all-electric tube and pipe bending machines for diameters ranging from 4 mm (5/32”) to 275 mm (10” schedule pipe), with each model delivering rapid setup, fast tool changes, exceptional power, rigid mechanical design, and all-electric control for right-first-time repeat sub-contract work, or immediately after producing a single trial part. These are all attributes that Unison Ltd believes make its Breeze models the ultimate tube manipulation machines for businesses specialising in small batch production runs.

Available in 50mm and80 mm versions from launch, Unison’s new Synergy hybrid range combines electric and hydraulic operation. Just like Unison Breeze machines, each model benefits from exceptional power and rigid mechanical design. As with Breeze models, bend arm, carriage, plane of bend and carriage side shift are servo driven, while mandrel, pressure die and clamping system are hydraulically controlled. This makes Synergy machines well-suited to high volume, repetitive tube manipulation operations that don’t require the rapid setup times and all-electric control provided by Breeze machines.

“We know from speaking to our UK customer base that confidence is back in manufacturing,” said Unison Ltd joint managing director, Alan Pickering. “Through significant control system upgrades to our all-electric Breeze models, and our new lower-priced Synergy range of hybrid tube bending machines, we are offering manufacturers, whatever their tube bending requirements, the most comprehensive range of high-quality options.”