Twisting through 3,000° with the igus TwisterBand (Video)

The igus TwisterBand is an innovative compact energy chain system that is able to turn lines eight times round its own axis. Staying close to the axis, the igus TwisterBand TB30 can guide energy, data and other media safely through 3,000° at high rotating speeds.

Previously, where demanding rotary movements are required at very high loads, energy chains with reverse bending radii (RBR) were commonly used. "With RBR systems, circular movements of up to 540° are possible," said Justin Leonard of igus UK. "Unfortunately, the installation space required is usually quite large in terms of depth and width." Where installation space is extremely limited a more compact solution was required and so igus developed the TwisterBand TB30 that achieves rapid circular movements of up to 3,000°. It depends only on the chain length or design height in the axis of rotation and, on account of small centrifugal forces due to the small masses involved, rotary speeds of up to 720°/s are possible. Typical applications for circular chain systems are mainly in the field of robots, as well as in special machine construction, such as radar and telescope systems, through medical apparatus to rides at amusement parks. Rotating movements in confined spaces also occur with handling, lifting and assembly equipment, as well as in test and trial jigs. A further possible area of application is in wind power systems, where the turbine blades have to be controlled through the main support, which must also be free to turn. Related video: igus TwisterBand