Tungaloy launches brand new ranges

Tungaloy UK has now introduced its latest advanced product offering with a new product campaign that has been presented by Tungaloy corporation chairman and president of the IMC Group, Jacob Harpaz. The company’s ADDFORCE global launch introduces the latest innovations in metal cutting tools from Tungaloy.

The groundbreaking new products have been developed to improve customer productivity by significantly accelerating machining operations. Jacob Harpaz has undertaken a world tour to present the new innovations with presentations already given to customers in Japan, Asia, Europe and North America.

The new ADDFORCE products include the latest cutting-edge technology for turning, milling, grooving and holemaking applications and are destined to build upon the already impressive results provided by Tungaloy’s existing product lines.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting and expansive new range, Tungaloy UK will run a series of promotions on product ranges such as the new AddForceCut, the AddInternalCut, TetraMiniCut, TungFeedBlade and TetraForceCut parting and grooving series.

From the turning portfolio, Tungaloy UK will be introducing the new AH6225, the PS and PM chipbreaker inserts and IsoEcoTurn turning inserts, the MiniForceTurn and TungTurnJet turning lines.

From the tranche of new milling products, Tungaloy UK will introduce the new AddDoFeed high feed milling series, the Tung-Tri and TungForceRec shoulder milling line alongside the extended TungMeister range of interchangeable milling heads and the Drillmeister interchangeable drilling system.