SupplyPro dispensing hardware and software module for inventory control

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Tooling Intelligence has extended the capabilities of its inventory and equipment control systems with the addition of SupplyPro storage units and an integrated inventory software module.

Latest developments include enhancements to the proven SupplyLocker range; the SupplyTower for controlling items up to 1,220 mm long; cost-effective SupplyBay storage units; a 48-compartment version of the SmartDrawer dispenser unit; and a purpose-designed software application that encompasses all types of manufacturing assets. SupplyLocker EXT series units extend dispensing control beyond industrial consumables to tools, supplies, fixtures and similar equipment. They are available in 8 and 16 door versions and are complemented by the SupplyTower, which is designed specifically for tall, narrow items, such as torque wrenches, bolt cutters or welding equipment and consumables. SupplyBay 3.0 is an entry level dispenser for controlling parts in high volume. Its rotating helix-based design is ruggedly engineered to deliver ultra-reliable dispensing of items such as industrial consumables and personal protection equipment. The unit is equipped with 60 spirals as standard, and can be easily reconfigured to suit users' individual requirements. In addition, SupplyBay incorporates a returns slot for re-useable parts or items selected in error. Providing precise control of small, high value items such as drills, taps, cutting tool inserts, fuses, electrical components or keys, the new 48-compartment SmartDrawer delivers secure, high density storage for up to 384 items in a standard cabinet. It features a specially designed moulded tray for easy retrieval of small items, even while wearing gloves, and is fully interchangeable with existing 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24 lid variants. All SupplyPro storage units offers true 'plug-in and play' operation with the company's patented web-based data management engine, SupplyPort. The software not only provides users with accurate, real time inventory information, but also allows system administration to be performed from any web-enabled device. The application operates independently of the user's own IT infrastructure and is hosted on behalf of the customer at data centres that are monitored 24/7. In addition, all data back up and disaster recovery is included within Tooling Intelligence's standard service contract. SupplyPro software's remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities will quickly identify any communications malfunctions, for example, and report them to the system's support team. The option of installing a secure remote service package is also offered by Tooling Intelligence, which ensures maximum system availability and virtually eliminates the need for on-site diagnostic service visits. Enhancing the capabilities of the company's latest hardware is SupplyPro's Virtual Inventory Module (VIM) – which enables all types of manufacturing assets to be integrated within SupplyPort systems. Designed specifically to handle items that are too large to be stored in standard SupplyPro dispensing devices, the Virtual Inventory Module is ideal for items that could not, until now, be accommodated by controlled vending solutions.