Stratasys set to transform industrial-grade 3D printing with latest addition to range

The newly developed Stratasys F120, which is part of the company’s F123 series of FDM 3D printers, is said to bring industrial 3D printing to the masses thanks to simple controls, remote self-monitoring, exclusive 3D printing hardware and high levels of reliability and repeatability.

The F120 makes it simple even for novices to get started with 3D printing in the design studio, office or education environment, states the company. And while Stratasys points out that many desktop 3D printers struggle to produce reliable and accurate parts without technical know-how, the F120 is designed to create high-quality FDM models time after time. Streamlined plug-and-print functionality removes complexity from typical workflow processes with a user-friendly touchscreen interface and GrabCAD Print workflow.

Allowing for multiple uses in a single system, the F120 can support everything from rapid prototyping and tooling to full manufacturing. With an ability to print up to three time faster than competitive solutions and tested 24/7 performance, large filament boxes allow for up to 250 hours of uninterrupted printing.

The F120 is backed by 1,200 hours of testing the most important print performance attributes, including part robustness, accuracy and how well the printed part matches the CAD file.

Says Omer Krieger, EVP products, Stratasys: “While many analysts report that the entry-level 3D-printing segment has grown significantly, we note organisations struggling with building production-level models on the first or second try – at the reliability and repeatability of high-end systems. This puts smaller designers and academic institutions at a significant disadvantage. The Stratasys F120 printer meets the needs of customers, providing engineering and design groups with highly productive part printing – whether they’re across the hall or around the globe.”