Stainless steel turning grades

TaeguTec's next generation TT9200 series of TT-Inox inserts are for machining of stainless steel.

The new development offers three new grades to cater for a wide range of speed and feeds for external and face turning of stainless steel. There are three new grades, the TT9215, TT9225 and the TT9235. They have been designed to cover the full spectrum of speeds and feed for stainless steel turning, while delivering high fracture and wear resistance. On Martensitic and Ferritic, Austenitic and Duplex stainless steel the TT9215 is capable of machining at cutting speeds of 170-250, 140-220 and 130-190m/min respectively. In comparison, the TT9225 has been developed for general turning applications on stainless steel. With an outstanding combination of wear and fracture resistance, the grade is more robust than the TT9125. The TT9225 operates at cutting speeds of 130-220, 110-200 and 90-150m/min on Martensitic and Ferritic, Austenitic and Duplex respectively to generate the ideal combination of productivity, tool life and cost reductions. For difficult-to-machine applications and interrupted cutting of stainless steel at low cutting speeds, the new TT9235 offers remarkable toughness and fracture resistance that guarantees exceptional tool life in the most difficult of applications. Suited to cutting in a lower speed range than the TT9215 and TT9225, the TT9235 delivers cutting speeds of 110-170, 90-150 and 80-130m/min. The three new grades are available in a diverse range of inserts styles.