SprutCAM Tech enhances online libraries

2 mins read

SprutCAM Tech has announced the addition of dozens of new industrial robot models, hundreds of pre-designed kinematics and post processors for CNC machines, and an extensive collection of ready-to-use CAM projects.

The software ecosystem surrounding SprutCAM X, a CAD/CAM system for the next generation makers, and SprutCAM X Robot, an all-in-one offline programming system, has expanded to include three online libraries - the Robot Components Library, CNC Machine Digital Twins Library, and Project Library.

SprutCAM Tech continuously updates these online libraries with new content, enhances their functionality, and improves integration with other software products. The aim is to simplify user navigation in the realm of modern equipment and expedite the learning and implementation process of CAD/CAM/OLP systems. Collectively, these three online libraries serve as a virtual reference portal for industrial robot programmers and CNC machine operators.

Robot Components Library

The Robot Components Library can be accessed from the SprutCAM Tech website or from MachineMaker, an application for creating digital twins of industrial robots and CNC machines in SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot.

Using the Robot Components Library on the company's website, users can both search for a robot by model or manufacturer (this is useful for those who already have a robot and are testing the capabilities of SprutCAM X Robot), as well as use filters to match it with the required parameters (this is useful for those who are just selecting a robot for a task). And then with the help of MachineMaker they can transfer the selected robot to SprutCAM X Robot for programming.

New additions to the Robot Components Library:

  1. Over the last year, approximately 100 new industrial robot models and components have been added, bringing the library's total to 768 items.
  2. The list of supported manufacturers has expanded to include 57 brands.
  3. 3D robot models created in MachineMaker are now visible on the website, facilitating easier navigation through the extensive library. This allows users to comprehend the robot's kinematics and pre-estimate its axis limits.
  4. Descriptions of robots and their main applications (types of machining) have been included.
  5. The library now encompasses robot cells, both completely from single manufacturers and assembled from components from multiple manufacturers

CNC machine digital twins library

The CNC Machine Digital Twins Library, featuring kinematics and post processors for nearly 700 models of CNC machines, has been available for users to explore since November 2023. Similar to the Robot Components Library, users can search the library by machine name and apply various filters.

The library's purpose is to ensure that the SprutCAM X CAD/CAM system supports the CNC machine in the user's shop, and that a post processor is available for the equipment. Unlike the open access to the Robot Components Library, access to post processors and kinematics in the CNC Machines Digital Twins Library is available upon request only.

Project library

SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot boast rich functionality, offering about 50 different operations with various machining strategies. SprutCAM Tech aims to make exploring SprutCAM X fast and straightforward. The newly launched Project Library, introduced with the release of SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot version 17 in September 2023, allows SprutCAM X users and partners to share reference projects.

These projects facilitate quick learning of previously unused operations in SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot, and help users find the right machining strategy for new complex parts on different machines with various tools. In the past 2.5 months, the Project Library has already accumulated 340 open reference projects. Currently, users can access the Project Library only from SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot systems.

SprutCAM Tech's plans include expanding cooperation with equipment manufacturers, further enriching online libraries, facilitating a seamless transition from viewing equipment models on the website to projects in SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot, and ultimately unifying all online resources and software products into a single information space for robot programmers and CNC machine operators.