Schunk Magnos magnetic chucks

Schunk Magnos magnetic chucks provide low-deformation workpiece clamping, free accessibility and fast workpiece change.

All the square pole plates are equipped with a status display by default, which displays the current clamping status continuously, even when the magnetic chuck has been disconnected from the control and is in pallet storage with clamped workpiece for instance.

In addition, a modular design control unit, ‘Schunk Magnos KEH plus’, gives users a high degree of flexibility and operating comfort. This is universally suitable for all Schunk square and radial pole plates. One, two, four or eight magnetic chucks can be actuated at the same time, depending on the basic version.

By selecting the appropriate connection cable, both small magnetic chucks with four-pin connectors, as well as large magnetic chucks with seven-pin connectors can be actuated. Equipped with plug connectors, each cable can be exchanged quickly and easily. Moreover, it is possible to assign vacant slots at any time with additional magnetic chucks.

To ensure process reliability in automated applications, it is possible to monitor each individual magnetic chuck. To do this, the individual clamping state is transmitted via a PLC interface to the system control. The ‘Schunk Magnos KEH plus’ control unit is completed by the handheld remote ‘Schunk Magnos Habe-S plus’ that is also modular. This allows control of the individual magnetic chucks and the individual 16-step holding force regulation process.

The hand-held remote control continuously provides information on the individual clamping status of the connected magnet chucks via LCD display and LED. In the case of malfunctions, error codes are also provided on the display, making trouble shooting simple.