Schröder Group replaces MPB with the new sheet metal folder PowerBend Multi

The Schröder Group launches the PowerBend Multi (PBM), a versatile folding machine for thin sheet metal processing up to 2.5 mm sheet thickness. The machine replaces the MultiPowerBend (MPB), which has enabled fast, precise series production in the plumbing sector for around 20 years.

The revision of this classic machine adds innovations and preserves its proven functions. One option promises to be particularly successful: conical bending.

This innovation will save a lot of time on the construction site: With the unique two-axis back gauge, pluggable profiles can be produced quickly, easily and with a precision in the range of tenths of a millimetre. The motorised folding machine offers maximum efficiency and the plug-in of profiles can be done with a perfect fit.

Attica or wall coverings, roof edge profiles, verge sheets as well as panels with a slope are examples of applications where edges are required that are not parallel.

Rotating clamping beam

The clamping beam of the PowerBend Multi can be equipped with tools of different heights up to 170 mm and is now also available as a rotating clamping beam, which offers a second tool station and a clamping beam geometry "in the blink of an eye“.

Plenty of space for complex workpieces was particularly important in the new design - so the PowerBend Multi has 160 mm of upper beam stroke, an inclined bottom beam and a folding beam that can be moved to the back.

Another new feature of this machine class is the central crowning. This enables a straight bending result even with thicker materials over the entire bending length. PowerBend Multi is available with working lengths of 2,520mm, 3,220 mm or 4,020 mm and with various back gauge options.