Rhenus Lub’s 700 series water-miscible metalworking fluid range is kind to skin

​Rhenus Lub’s 700 series is a water-miscible metalworking fluid range that is extremely skin-friendly, with performance and price also impressive.

Versatility is the key to this. Besides universal products that can be used for a wide variety of applications, the Rhenus 700 series also includes special products that can be used for grinding and demanding materials such as aluminium alloys and zinc.

The series combines everything that modern skin protection requires. They are free from amines and extract less liquid and oil from the skin, thus reducing the damaging effect. It is thanks to the relatively low pH values that the Rhenus 700 series is particularly kind to the skin.

As a result of the reduced stress to the skin, skin irritations, allergic reactions and costly secondary conditions can also be minimised. This is a key economic factor, as studies show that about one third of all skin conditions confirmed as occupational illnesses are caused by lubricants.