Portable measuring arms gain extra stability and accuracy

All 34 portable measuring arms offered in 6-axis touch-probing and 7-axis multi-sensor variants by LK Metrology, Castle Donington, are now supplied as standard with a 4.5 inch diameter mounting ring to allow the unit to sit on a larger base, rather than that provided by the previous 3.5 inch ring.

The result of having this extra stability is that the new Version 3 FREEDOM Arms are capable of measuring to higher precision. A mounting ring adapter can be supplied if an existing user already owns an LK tripod or stand with a 3.5 inch mount. Mechanical, magnetic and vacuum fixing alternatives are available.

As previously, the new mobile metrology solutions are based on a lightweight carbon fibre tubular construction. Feedback of position is provided by absolute rather than incremental rotary encoders and the arms are available in three accuracy categories – Classic, Select and Ultimate.

Each is now capable of significantly higher accuracy measurement of size, position and form, whether using a tactile probe or laser scanner. Probing accuracy is certified to ISO 10360-12 and functionality is guaranteed up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Notable is that the 6-axis arms are workshop hardened, having full IP54 protection from water splashes and the ingress of dust and particles, delivering reliable, repeatable, 3D inspection and measurement in harsh industrial environments. Provided also is enhanced RDS v6.4 software running on Windows for communicating with the arm via Wi-Fi or USB.

It offers improved monitoring of parameters such as ambient temperature, stress on the articulating joints, and base vibration, displacement, tilt and inclination. An operator alert function in the software warns the user if an arm is not fully IP54 protected.

The 7-axis FREEDOM Arm v3 is not IP54 rated but is able to deploy a laser scanner and a tactile probe to enable multi-sensor metrology. An OLED touch-screen display provides the operator with convenient fingertip control, raising inspection productivity by avoiding having to go back and forth between the arm and a computer.

A pair of rechargeable, hot-swappable battery packs with Ethernet connection for probe and laser scanner is available for use in environments where Wi-Fi is not allowed.

A strong line-up of third-party inspection software can be supplied by LK with its FREEDOM arms including InnovMetric's PolyWorks Inspector, which has the ability to exchange programs seamlessly between portable and static CMM platforms.