Parting off using turning centre Y-axis motion supported by Horn S100 system

​New toolholder variants available for the S100 system from Horn Cutting Tools enable parting off via Y-axis travel on turning centres that have the extra degree of freedom on the tool carrier.

The method enables effective parting and grooving using high cutting parameters, resulting in short machining times. In addition, as the system is more stable, the option to part off large diameters is offered via a compact toolholder and narrow groove widths.

High moments of force occur when parting off workpieces of larger diameter, but the space available in a machine often does not allow tools of large cross section to be used. With the new design of toolholder, the cutting forces are diverted to the main cross section of the insert. It results in increased rigidity of the system as a whole for any given toolholder, enabling higher feed rates to be used.

Horn offers two holder variants for the parting-off process. For the 842 and 845 modular grooving system, a cartridge with cutting widths of 3 and 4 mm is offered. A reinforced grooving blade in identical widths is another system element. Both variants are equipped with internal coolant supply via both the clamp and through the support. Maximum groove depth is 60 mm. In addition, the S100 system provides an option for direct cooling through the cutting insert.