Parting-off line plus mini milling cutter series added to Kyocera line-up

​Kyocera has added the KPK parting off series and the MFWN Mini series milling cutters to its line of products.

The KPK series is well prepared for high-performance cut-off solutions, featuring a strong clamping mechanism for added safety and security. The MFWN Mini series is a smaller version of the original cutters, which also offer excellent performance and tool life.

When it comes to cutting operations in general, the workpiece can be difficult to secure which leads to rigidity and chattering issues. Therefore, the cutting speed is usually low at the workpiece rotation center. Also, tools tend to be broken easily by chip troubles. All these issues are long gone with the KPK series as it features a new insert, blade and a tool block design for rigid, safe and speedy cut-off operations for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium. Due to the easy insert replacement, downtime is reduced to a minimum. The firmly secured insert uses three contact surfaces to ensure safe clamping which eliminates chattering completely and makes the cutting-off process a lot safer.

The unique chipbreaker technology is inherited from the KGD lineup and provides excellent chip control. Thanks to this advanced technology, tool life is longer and the machining stable. The rigid toolholder block not only prevents chattering but also provides an internal coolant which again adds to the tool life even under normal pressure.

With the low cutting force 90° milling cutter with double-sided six-edge inserts, the MFWN Mini works at up to 5 mm D.O.C., while the large model can be used at a cutting depth of up to 8 mm. This product is also used for machining materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron and exotic materials.

The design is based on the original MFWN series with fracture-resistant inserts, low cutting forces and neutral inserts for various uses. Another plus is the insert line-up. It is comprehensive for various machining applications. In total there are three insert chip breakers and four grades available. Namely for general use GM, for low cutting force SM and tough edge GH. Additional fine pitch and small diameter toolholders are available.